California Transparency in Supply Chains Act

Mid America Pet Food, LLC. is committed to conducting business in an ethical and lawful manner, which includes complying with all applicable laws regarding human trafficking and slavery.  We fully expect our vendors and suppliers to make this same commitment.

We communicate our opposition to human trafficking and slavery to our vendors and suppliers, and we expect that they will not participate in such activities.  We do not currently verify our product supply chains to assess trafficking or slavery risks, audit our supplier’ compliance with our anti-trafficking or slavery standards, or require our suppliers to certify compliance with the human trafficking and slavery laws in the countries they do business.  If, however, we become aware of a vendor or supplier participating in or supporting such activities, we would take all reasonable and necessary steps to address the situation, up to and including termination of the relationship.

Mid America Pet Food, LLC. ensures its employees and contractors comply with our human trafficking and slavery policies, but we do not currently have a formal supply chain human trafficking and slavery risk mitigation training program.  We continue to assess additional strategies to support the elimination of human trafficking and slavery, but do not currently have a specific, internal-review procedure to ensure our employees and contractors comply with our anti-trafficking and anti-slavery policies.  If we determined an employee or contractor was not complying with our policies, we would take corrective action.