We strive to enrich the lives of pet families today, tomorrow and always.


Across the Mid America Pet Food portfolio, each recipe is designed with the pet’s nutritional needs at the forefront. Our nutritional and quality teams make sure each ingredient serves a meaningful role in the development of the formula.

All Mid America Pet Foods are formulated with premium quality meat meals, gluten free grains, or without grains, no artificial colors or flavors, and premium vitamins and minerals to be part of a nutritionally balanced diet for your dog or cat.

Today, Mid America Pet Food produces VICTOR® Super Premium Pet Food and Eagle Mountain Pet Food®

Victor Bags of food

Victor Super Premium Pet Food

Proven Nutrition. Fueled by Passion. At VICTOR we create nutritionally complete super premium pet food that meets the highest of standards. With advanced, proven ingredients, VICTOR provides the best nutrition in dog and cat food at every life stage.

Eagle Mountain Pet Food®

The bond with our dogs is pure and simple – they are a best friend whose love is unconditional. Choosing their food should be simple too. Eagle Mountain Pet Food® provides the complete nutrition your dog needs at a price that just makes sense.